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      Farewell to Rosa, the face and welcoming voice of this decorative paper mill

      11 May, 2023

      The welcoming face and voice of this decorative paper factory says goodbye to enjoy a well-deserved retirement

      Dear Rosa Mari, friend and colleague from Tourcoing. You have been the face and welcoming voice of this decorative paper mill.

      On behalf of the whole Lamidecor team, we would like to congratulate you on your retirement and express our most sincere gratitude for your dedication and contribution throughout all these years.

      You have dazzled customers and suppliers with your sympathy over the phone. Lamidecor, good morning, how may I help you… Just a moment please.

      Rosa, since you started working in this company, you have been a fundamental piece in the success of our team. Your skills and dedication have been exemplary and you have been an inspiration to us all. Your presence in the company has been invaluable. You leave a huge footprint and not just a metaphorical one – how many finish foil and CPL catalogues have passed through your hands?

      During your time here, you have helped drive the company forward through your hard work, knowledge and commitment. You have always shown a great work ethic, with a huge smile and a positive attitude, which has made you a real pleasure to work with.

      We are very sad to see you go, but we are happy that you will be able to enjoy your well-deserved retirement. We hope you enjoy this new chapter in your life and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

      We will miss your voice, but we will never forget your contributions and your impact on our company.

      How much we will miss hearing your voice over the loudspeaker requesting all Lamidecor colleagues to listen to you, something important: Attention please… Attention.


      With our best wishes, Happy retirement!

      The whole Lamidecor family