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      Edges, Laminates and Mouldings: Lamidecor

      06 June, 2024

      Edges, Laminates and Mouldings: Unlocking the Power of Decorative Paper with Lamidecor

      Edges, laminates and mouldings are essential elements in the interior design and furniture manufacturing industry. These components not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of surfaces, but also provide functional benefits such as durability and ease of maintenance. Understanding the complexities of these materials and the role of leading companies like Lamidecor can help manufacturers and designers make informed decisions that elevate the quality and appeal of their products.

      Lamidecor: A Leader in the Decorative Paper Industry

      What We Do

      At Lamidecor, we are proud to be the industry leader in the manufacture of decorative paper. Our laboratory manages all stages of production control, from the receipt of raw materials to the creation of designs, printing, impregnation, lamination, final coating and shipment of the finished product. This meticulous process ensures optimum convenience for our customers and the highest quality standards.

      Our wide range for edging, laminating and mouldings

      We manufacture a wide variety of designs and grades in foil finish paper, as well as CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) and vinyl laminates. Our experience allows us to offer products that meet diverse needs and preferences.

      Finish Foil Paper

      Our finish foil papers are available in a variety of designs and finishes, suitable for a range of applications from furniture to decorative panels. These papers provide a high quality finish that enhances the visual appearance and durability of surfaces.

      CPL Laminates

      CPL laminates are known for their durability and wear resistance. These laminates are ideal for high traffic areas and surfaces that require robust protection. Our CPL laminates come in a variety of designs and textures, ensuring that they meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

      Innovative Digital Printing Technology

      One of Lamidecor’s main strengths is our advanced digital printing technology. This technology allows us to capture and reproduce any idea with precision and clarity. Whether you need a custom design or a specific pattern, our digital printing capabilities ensure that your vision is brought to life with exceptional detail and accuracy.

      Our Product Applications

      Our decorative and laminated papers are used by our customers to cover all types of flat and curved surfaces. Some of the common applications include:

      Board Manufacturers

      We supply decorative papers and laminates to board manufacturers who use them to enhance the appearance and durability of their products. Our materials are ideal for creating high quality and attractive boards for a variety of uses.

      Door Manufacturers

      Our products are widely used in the door manufacturing industry. Whether for residential or commercial doors, our laminates provide a durable and visually appealing finish that meets the highest quality standards.

      Furniture Manufacturers

      Furniture manufacturers rely on our decorative papers and laminates to create pieces that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our products help achieve the perfect balance between form and function, making furniture stand out in the marketplace.

      Mouldings and skirtings

      Our laminates and decorative papers are also popular with moulding and skirting manufacturers. These products add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, enhancing the overall interior design.

      Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction

      At Lamidecor, quality control is paramount. Our exhaustive production process ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards. From raw material selection to final lacquering and shipping, we monitor every step to ensure that our customers receive products that exceed their expectations.

      Commitment to Excellence

      Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the trust and loyalty of our customers. We strive to provide products that not only meet, but exceed industry standards, ensuring that our customers can rely on us for all their decorative paper and laminate needs.


      Lamidecor is at the forefront of the decorative paper industry, offering a wide range of high quality products that meet the diverse needs of manufacturers and designers. Our commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability distinguishes us as the preferred choice for edging, laminates and mouldings.