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      Design of the month Zante

      02 November, 2023

      Zante: Where Wood and Marble Meetse

      Lamidecor’s Zante wallpaper is a true testament to creativity. A design that fuses the warmth of wood with the solidity of marble in a combination that is visually stunning. Upon closer inspection, you can appreciate its unique structure that combines wood and marble slats arranged in vertical patterns. This design is a bold and avant-garde reinterpretation of two materials that, at first glance, might seem incompatible.

      Visual trompe l’oeil: Tricking the Senses

      One of the most outstanding features of Zante is its ability to deceive the senses. When looking at this wallpaper, it is difficult to distinguish between wood and marble at first glance. The masterful combination of these two elements results in a trompe l’oeil that captures the viewer’s attention.

      Diseño Zante de Lamidecor. Fantasía, combinación de listones de madera y mármol

      Warmth of Wood vs. Hardness of Marble

      Zante achieves a perfect balance between the warmth of wood and the hardness of marble. Wood, with its organic origin, brings a touch of warmth and naturalness to the design, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity in the environment. On the other hand, marble, with its solid and cold appearance, provides an interesting contrast, adding a sense of luxury.

      This contrast between the two materials is what makes Zante really special.


      Diversity of applications

      Zante’s versatility is another of its strengths. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from panel cladding in interiors to decorative details on furniture fronts. Its innovative design adapts to different decorating styles, from classic to contemporary, making it an exceptional choice for interior designers and design enthusiasts.


      In summary, Lamidecor’s Zante is a decorative paper design that opens up new possibilities for creativity in interior design.