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      Design for Furniture: IBIZA

      01 August, 2023

      Discover the Exclusivity of Ibiza design, the New Decorative Wallpaper for furniture by Lamidecor

      In the world of design and decoration, each element plays a fundamental role in creating environments that reflect the personality and style of those who live there. One of the key elements in any space is the design of decorative paper for furniture, which can completely transform the appearance of a room. Lamidecor launches its latest design: “Ibiza“.

      “Ibiza” is a unique and innovative design that has captured the essence of nature and the elegance of wood in a decorative paper. Lamidecor’s team of designers have made a meticulous selection of different coloured and textured woods, combining them harmoniously in a geometric pattern that is striking and appealing to the eye.

      The colour palette of “Ibiza” is inspired by the natural tones of wood, from warm earth tones to soft shades of grey.

      Rohe and Meyer: Two Interpretations of the Charm of Ibiza Furniture Design

      The “Ibiza” design comes in two distinct patterns: “Rohe” and “Meyer“. Both share the same essence and combination of woods, but differ in the layout and the movement they convey.

      • Meyer.The “Meyer” pattern presents the woods arranged in orthogonal lines that intersect, creating a sense of structure and order. This geometric arrangement gives any space a modern and sophisticated feel. The balance of lines and colours produces a captivating aesthetic full of personality, ideal for those seeking an elegant and contemporary ambience.
      Diseño Ibiza Meyer de Lamidecor. Fantasía, composición de diferentes maderas
      Design Ibiza Meyer by Lamidecor
      • Rohe.On the other hand, the “Rohe” pattern features the same wood pattern, but with vertical shifts that generate a sense of movement and dynamism in the design. This variant adds a touch of energy and freshness to any space, ideal for those who want a more dynamic and lively atmosphere. “Rohe” is perfect for spaces where creativity and vitality are sought after.
      Diseño Ibiza Rohe de Lamidecor. Fantasía, composición de diferentes maderas
      Ibiza Rohe Design by Lamidecor

      Ibiza Design applications

      Lamidecor’s “Ibiza” decorative paper is highly versatile, adapts to different styles and atmospheres, and is ideal for both residential and commercial interiors. Its natural character and the visual richness of the woods make it perfect for creating cosy and sophisticated spaces. With two patterns, “Rohe” and “Meyer”, it offers options for different tastes and decorating styles. Lamidecor demonstrates its commitment to innovation and quality by providing a unique and exclusive product for furniture design.