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      What is colour?

      What is colour?

      Colour is a visual aspect of light that allows us to perceive and distinguish different wavelengths of light reflected or emitted from an object. Colours are perceived by the human eye and processed in the brain to create a visual impression.

      However, there are many factors that can affect colour perception, including ambient light, individual perception and a person’s sensitivity to different wavelengths. We therefore define colours through their properties, hue, saturation and brightness.

      In other words, colours belong to the visible spectrum of light, only the range of wavelengths of light that can be captured by our eyes. This range extends from 400 nanometres (nm) at the violet end of the spectrum to 700 nm at the red end. The colours that make up the visible spectrum are violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. In addition, visible light is a small fraction of the total electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes ultraviolet light, infrared light and radio waves.




      Knowing and defining colour is essential to achieve pattern repetition and avoid phenomena such as metamerism.

      Merry Christmas !

      Merry Christmas !

      From Lamidecor we wish you a Merry Christmas, and we hope that all your wishes come true.


      el departamento comercial desea con jerséis navideños sonríen abrazados

      Lamidecor company lunch

      August 12th was a special day, as we were able to enjoy🥳 the whole Lamidecor family welcoming the holidays ⛱.

      We said goodbye to a year in which the whole team has made a great effort and work💪, with a training day, group dynamics, games and a company lunch. 🍽🥂.

      It was a fantastic day for bonding🤝, sharing jokes and anecdotes and the odd dance between all the departments.

      cuatro hombres sonriendo sentados alrededor de una mesa una mujer de pie los abraza


      Thank you all for making it possible. !!!😉