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      Electric car charging point

      Lamidecor: Leader in Sustainability with a Charging Point for Electric Vehicles

      At Lamidecor, as a leading company in the decorative paper sector, we have taken an important step towards sustainability by installing a charging point for electric vehicles at our facilities. This initiative not only reflects our commitment to the environment, but also strengthens our position as a leader in promoting sustainable mobility.

      Our Commitment to Sustainability

      At Lamidecor, we have always demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability throughout our operations. From eco-friendly production practices to the use of recycled materials, we are at the forefront of protecting the environment.

      Environmental and Economic Benefits

      By encouraging the use of electric vehicles, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in urban environments, which has a positive impact on people’s health and the environment in general.
      In addition to the environmental benefits, the adoption of electric vehicles can also generate significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs in the long term, resulting in a positive impact on users’ wallets.

      Charging Point for Electric Vehicles at Lamidecor

      At Lamidecor, we are proud to announce the installation of a modern charging point at our premises. This charging point is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees fast and efficient charging for all electric vehicle models.

      Charging points are key to the expansion and mass adoption of electric vehicles. They facilitate the charging of these vehicles and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, thus promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

      Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

      This initiative is not just a one-off event, but part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable mobility. We are committed to continuing to look for innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact and promote a cleaner, healthier future for all.

      The Impact and Future of Our Initiative

      The installation of the charging point has been enthusiastically received by both our community and our customers. This demonstrates the positive impact we can have as a company by leading by example on sustainability issues.

      In summary, the installation of the electric vehicle charging point at our facility is a significant step in our commitment to sustainability and the promotion of electric mobility. As a leader in our industry, we demonstrate how companies can have a positive impact on the environment and the community by adopting sustainable practices.

      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

      • Who can use the charging point at Lamidecor?
        Lamidecor employees and customers can use the charging point free of charge.
      • What is the charging speed of the charging point?
        The charging point offers fast and efficient charging for all electric vehicles.
      • How does this initiative contribute to sustainability?
        The installation of the charging point promotes the adoption of electric vehicles and reduces carbon emissions.

      Renewal of the FSC® Certificate

      Lamidecor’s FSC® Certificate Renewal: A Commitment to Sustainability

      Lamidecor understands that forests are essential to our planet and its renewal of the FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council® certificate reflects its ongoing commitment to responsible forest management. This globally recognised certificate not only ensures sustainable practices, but also demonstrates Lamidecor’s commitment to environmental conservation and the well-being of communities.

      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate

      For the company, this renewal is not just a requirement, but an opportunity to reinforce its leadership in sustainability. By meeting exacting standards, Lamidecor makes a significant contribution to forest preservation and sustainable development. The renewal of the FSC® certificate is not only a key step in its environmental commitment, but also an inspiration for other companies towards a more sustainable future.

      “trust the tree” Forest Week 2023

      Lamidecor partners with the FSC® to involve buyers in the protection of forests

      In an effort to promote awareness and action in favour of the preservation of forests worldwide, Lamidecor, a company dedicated to the manufacture of decorative paper, joins in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) campaign. This commitment is part of Forest Week 2023, an annual initiative promoted by the FSC® to mobilise companies, brands and consumers around the protection of forest ecosystems.

      FSC, an organisation committed to forest sustainability through responsible forestry practices, has launched the #TrustTheTree campaign, which aims to inspire individuals and companies around the world to make informed and sustainable purchasing decisions. During Forest Week, which runs from 23-29 September, efforts will be stepped up to raise awareness of the importance of forests in mitigating climate and biodiversity crises.

      The theme of this year’s campaign, “Trust the Tree,” highlights the vital role forests play in combating global environmental challenges. Forests, as critical ecosystems, are crucial to stabilising the climate and conserving biodiversity, and choosing products derived from sustainable forestry can help ensure the health and prosperity of these ecosystems for future generations.

      Lamidecor, as a leading company in the decorative paper industry, joins this noble cause by committing to promote FSC® certified products.

      In the previous edition of Forest Week, more than 1,200 partners from over 40 countries joined the initiative, reaching an audience of 42 million consumers worldwide through the FSC® global network. This demonstrates the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices and the vital role forests play in mitigating environmental crises.

      “FSC® Forest Week 2022 demonstrated the collective passion and commitment to the world’s forests,” noted Trevor Armel, Marketing Director, FSC® International. “We are so inspired to see so many engaged in making this year’s effort bigger than ever, raising awareness of the irrefutable role forests play in the fight for a climate resilient future.”

      At a time when forests are threatened by deforestation and climate change, Lamidecor and the FSC® come together to remind us that when forests thrive, people thrive. This collaboration is a significant step towards a more sustainable future that respects our natural environment. Together, we can be part of the solution to preserve the natural treasures that are our forests.

      Decorative paper, new sustainable packaging

      We are committed to sustainable packaging for decorative paper reels

      At Lamidecor we are committed to building a more sustainable future, minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the decorative paper surface coating sector.

      We are delighted to incorporate the use of cardboard which is biodegradable, recyclable and 100% renewable in our packaging, as well as the use of ecopaper adhesive tape.

      At Lamidecor we continue to look for initiatives to find alternatives to plastic in packaging that can be designed to be reused or recycled at the end of its useful life. We are launching a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging, which shares the advantages from a practical point of view, but none of the negative environmental impacts.

      In designing this new cartonboard packaging, we have not only been mindful of carbon footprint and sustainability, we have also taken into account a number of important considerations, such as protecting our finish foil and CPL reels from damage during transport and storage efficiency. Cardboard is a strong and durable material that supports the weight of the reels and protects them from shocks and vibrations, thus ensuring that the reels do not move or fall. It also ensures easy handling.

      By using our expertise and experience we can help our customers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

      In conclusion, in the same way, consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability and prefer to buy products that have a lower environmental impact. Now, more than ever, is the time to adopt sustainable packaging solutions that help care for our planet.

      Lamidecor cardboard packaging for coils
      New packaging from Lamidecor

      Lamidecor renews FSC® certification

      The importance of renewing an FSC® certificate for Lamidecor

      Forest certification programmes, such as the FSC® Forest Stewardship Council ® certificate, are a way of ensuring that a company’s forest management practices demonstrate high environmental and social standards.

      Forests are natural resources that play an essential role in human societies and economies. Forests provide us with clean air and water, timber for construction and other products such as paper and wood products. They also store carbon, preventing it from entering the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas and contributing to climate change. Forests are therefore important for people and the environment.

      FSC® certification is a reliable way to verify and demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that the company is serious about responsible forest management.

      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate

      Renewing an FSC® certificate is a crucial step for Lamidecor to keep its sustainability credentials up to date. As an internationally recognised mark of responsible forest management, obtaining and renewing an FSC® certificate is a sign of good corporate citizenship and commitment to environmental awareness.

      Sustainable office extension

      Sustainable office extension

      Attention, construction works!

      We have started the extension of our offices building in a responsible way and aware of our environment.

      In LAMIDECOR SLU we are happy and proud to grow taking care of the environment. For this we have chosen an efficient and sustainable construction, using natural materials such as wood and using assembly systems that respect our planet.

      We are committed to sustainable growth.

      Lamidecor obtains the FSC® certificate – Forest Stewardship Council

      But what is FSC® certification?

      The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a worldwide, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management on a global scale. The FSC® defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest management that are supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders.

      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate

      How do we commit ourselves?

      ✔️ Ensuring materials are certified throughout the supply chain.

      ✔️ Promoting responsible forest management worldwide, rejecting and condemning any raw materials related to illegally harvested forests.

      ✔️ Caring for forests for future generations.

      ✔️ Helping to care for forests and the people and wildlife that call them home.

      What does LAMIDECOR involve?

      • Making use of printing inks made from organic materials, such as water, casein and other pigments.
      • Ensuring the health of our equipment by using inks made from organic materials that do not contain solvents.
      • Avoid the purchase of illegal wood and the massive felling of trees.