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      New colour of the year Sage Green

      New colour of the year Sage Green


      Lamidecor presents “Colour of the year 2023” sage green, fresh and neutral, very elegant.

      Our design team celebrates each year with a different colour. We welcome sage green. Green in appearance with a touch of warm grey. We are presented with the symbol of calm and security, as well as life, so the versatility of this tone provides the necessary touch to give character and distinction to any piece of furniture.

      From the psychology of colour, we know that green reflects characteristics such as hope, happiness, vitality, nature, etc. Likewise, we find the colour green in many places in our daily lives associated with happiness. Thus, sage green, which belongs to this tonality, in addition to life, exudes relaxation, which allows it to be used in all the rooms of the house.


      color-del-año 2023 verde salvia-lamidecor


      Not sure how to add it to the home? This tone has a soft look that creates a sophisticated feel. In combination with natural wood in warm tones, it is ideal for all types of furniture. You can never go wrong by combining it with our monochrome neutrals, whites, greys and navy blue, on the contrary you can make it more youthful when combined with a very rich and intense shade such as strawberry 3279.

      Discover sage green with our sales team, Lamidecor’s new colour 2023“. Ask for a sample in Finish foil or with one of the structures that offer the CPL finish in this spectacular green tone.


      New MG SOFT MATE finish

      New MG SOFT MATE finish

      Lamidecor starts the year with the new MG SOFT MATE finish which has been included in the range of finishes of its CPL line.
      Specifically, this pore is presented together with Lamidecor’s new Olive Green 8754 unicolour. In this case, it is a texture with a subtly rough and matt finish that gives it a pleasant feel. Here, Lamidecor manages to unify trends for 2023 such as colour and texture with the SOFT MATE pore.


      verde-oliva-8574+soft-mate de Lamidecor
      Olive green 8574 + pore MG Soft mate


      Likewise, Lamidecor also offers the option of sending samples of the SOFT MATE finish in wood or fantasy designs, as well as in unicolours, which allows for endless creations to cover all types of surfaces.

      As defined by the design team, the trend is to give warmth and comfort to home furniture with innovative proposals combining designs and textures, as well as using strong colours, cements and stones with subtle finishes. An example of this is the proposal shown by Lamidecor, which manages to soften the rustic aspect of the Altamira cement of its own range of designs thanks to the MG SOFT MATE pore.


      Acabado poro soft mate MG de Lamidecor
        Altamira + pore MG Soft mate

      Want to know more? Request a sample here.

      HPL, CPL y LPL

      HPL, CPL and LPL laminates

      At Lamidecor we want you to know in a simple way the main differences between these products (HPL, CPL y LPL) whose purpose is to cover surfaces with decorative paper in the door and furniture sector. Depending on the properties required for the final application of the product, we will make one choice or another.

      Choosing between HPL, CPL and LPL

      The difference between these laminates is given by the substrates, and the pressures to which they are subjected during the manufacturing process.

      ✔ HPL, high pressure laminate, is marketed with a thickness of 0.6 mm to 30 mm. It offers higher resistance both in physical tests such as resistance to surface wear or scratching, as well as in chemical tests such as resistance to staining agents and low maintenance. It is rigid so it is perfect for flat surfaces.

      ✔ CPL or continuous pressure laminate, is marketed in thicknesses of 0.15 to 0.5 mm. Its main advantage is its flexibility, lightness and low cost, making it ideal for doors and furniture complements. CPL is the most versatile product.

      ✔ LPL, low pressure laminate. Its thickness varies depending on the support or base board on which it is pressed. It is suitable for flat surfaces.

      The designs of these products are infinite, ranging from imitation wood, to fantasies and unicolours, and have a wide variety of degrees of gloss. They also have different types of optical and haptic finishes such as 3D pore as well as a wide range of realistic structures.


      If you have any doubts about which product suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be delighted to help you.

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      Design des Monats AIGÜESTORTES

      Lamidecor presents the new design, Aigüestortes.

      It is a Birch wood inspired by the warmth given off by the magical path in autumn to the top of the Estany de Sant Maurici, where the leaves of the same colour as the wood melt into the reflection of the lake.

      This sober and elegant, yet simple wood comes in 3 colours: SienaMarengo and Agata, thus showing a chromatic range that we are sure will please our customers.


      Discover it here.


      puertas con diseño de madera de abedul, aiguestortes

      Aigüestortes Marengo, Agata and Siena

      What is metamerism

      What is metamerism

      Illuminance metamerism is a phenomenon that occurs when we observe two objects of the same colour under one light source, but if we change the lighting conditions, the objects will appear different in colour.


      luz-cálida-metamerismo luz-fria--metamerismo


      Our design and printing team uses colorimetric instruments to analyse the exact composition of the colours and determine the formulas that allow for future reproductions without surprises.  All repetitions and tintings are checked in the light booth, under different light sources, ensuring that the colour does not vary to the eye of the beholder.


      We are professionals of light and colour.

      What is Finish foil?

      👉🏼Finish foil is the ideal decorative paper for coating all types of surfaces. Boards, mouldings and profiles are coated with designs ranging from wood imitations to unicolours and all kinds of fantasies.

      papel finish foil con un disñeo que imita la madera natural


      The decorative papers are impregnated with aminoplastic resins and finished with the latest generation of environmentally friendly lacquers 🌿. Its modern design and the quality of the surfaces, together with the wide variety of gloss 🌟, finishes such as Antibacterial and 3D structures make it ideal for covering furniture 🪑 ​and doors🚪. It is a flexible ➰ and economical product with high performance ✔️.


      Bobina de producto finish foil. Papel con un diseño que imita la madera natural


      Difference between Finish foil and CPL

      Finish foil 🆚 CPL 

      At Lamidecor we want you to know in a simple way the main differences between these two products.


      Both finish foil and cpl have the same purpose, covering surfaces with decorative paper. Depending on the properties required for the final application of the product, we will choose one or the other.​

      CPL is a laminate that has a higher resistance both in physical tests such as resistance to surface wear or scratching, and in chemical tests such as resistance to staining agents. The finish foil, on the other hand, is more flexible, allowing up to 1mm of bending radius.

      The designs of both product families are infinite and have a wide variety of gloss grades. The finish foil has different types of optical and haptic finishes such as 3D pore synchronised, while the CPL grades have a wide range of structures.


      If you have any doubts about which product suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be pleased to help you.


      What is vinyl?

      What is vinyl?

      Vinyl is a material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

      At Lamidecor we work with digitally printed vinyl, which allows us to make any design or sample supplied by the customer a reality.

      It is characterised by the injection of LED UV inks on a white  or cream vinyl film. Its curing is immediate thanks to the emission of ultraviolet light emitted by the lamps installed.


      Impresora digital con bobina de vinilo


      Supplied in reels, it is a top material with great advantages.


      ✔️ Resistant to humidity, special application for bathroom furniture.

      ✔️ Resistant to surface wear.

      ✔️ AC1.

      ✔️ Flexible.

      ✔️ Interior use.

      ✔️ Allows any design.

      ✔️ Vertical use. Perfect for edges and mouldings.

      ✔️  Thickness between 140-160 microns.

      ✔️ Fast delivery.

      ✔️ Available with pore.

      If you want more information, ask us for a sample. Our sales team will be pleased to help you.

      DOÑANA new design

      New design DOÑANA

      October is here with the design of the month from Lamidecor.

      Inspired by the spectacular Doñana National Park, this pine wood wrapped in knots and cathedrals is born. Its organic structure is presented in three colours: the natural beauty of the tree achieving a dynamic and youthful look, an arctic tone to refresh any room and in an ash tone projecting a sober and elegant style.



      Available in light, ash and natural.


      Discover it with our sales team. Request a sample now https://lamidecor.com/producto/donana/.

      What is CPL?

      👉🏼​​ CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) is a compact laminate composed of decorative papers pressed together under continuous medium pressure. Its use is particularly suitable for covering doors🚪, furniture,🚪 panels and mouldings.

      At Lamidecor we manufacture CPL melamine laminates in different thicknesses and degrees of flexibility depending on the final applicability of the product. They can also be manufactured in different degrees of gloss 🌟 and finishes, with a smooth surface or with a structure simulating the finishes of natural wood or other imitations such as stone, leather, metal, etc.


      These range from laminates for flat surfaces to flexible laminates for covering mouldings. Among its advantages 👌🏼 are its great flexibility, resistance and durability.