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      Renewal of the FSC® Certificate

      Lamidecor’s FSC® Certificate Renewal: A Commitment to Sustainability

      Lamidecor understands that forests are essential to our planet and its renewal of the FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council® certificate reflects its ongoing commitment to responsible forest management. This globally recognised certificate not only ensures sustainable practices, but also demonstrates Lamidecor’s commitment to environmental conservation and the well-being of communities.


      Lamidecor FSC® certificate
      Lamidecor FSC® certificate


      For the company, this renewal is not just a requirement, but an opportunity to reinforce its leadership in sustainability. By meeting exacting standards, Lamidecor makes a significant contribution to forest preservation and sustainable development. The renewal of the FSC® certificate is not only a key step in its environmental commitment, but also an inspiration for other companies towards a more sustainable future.

      New R&D Laboratory

      Lamidecor Inaugurates its New R&D Laboratory: Innovation at the Service of Personalisation

      After months of planning and hard work, Lamidecor is pleased to announce the opening of its new Research and Development (R&D) Laboratory. This milestone marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of decorative paper..

      Lamidecor’s new R&D Laboratory is not only fully operational, but has also been designed to maximise our research and development capabilities.

      What are the advantages of this new space? Here are some of the highlights:

      1. Cutting-edge technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge tools, our laboratory provides an environment conducive to advanced research and innovative experimentation.
      2. Interdisciplinary Team of Experts: Our R&D team is composed of highly skilled professionals in diverse disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, design and manufacturing technology. This diversity of skills allows us to approach challenges from multiple perspectives and find creative solutions.
      3. Culture of Innovation: At Lamidecor, innovation is a priority objective. Our new laboratory fosters a culture of creativity and exploration, where our team is encouraged to think outside the box and constantly seek new ideas and approaches.
      4. Customisation and Adaptability: Thanks to our enhanced R&D capabilities, we are now in a privileged position to offer highly customised products tailored to our customers’ specific needs. From unique designs to tailor-made performance features, our laboratory allows us to get closer than ever to our customers’ ideas and turn them into reality.

      Lamidecor’s R&D department is the driving force behind our capacity for innovation and continuous improvement. Our aim is to exceed market expectations by offering the highest quality products and exceptional service. With a focus on flexibility and adaptability, we strive to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ demands.

      In short, Lamidecor’s new R&D Lab represents a step forward in our commitment to lead the decorative paper industry through innovation and excellence. We are proud to see how these new capabilities will allow us to continue to raise the standard in customisation, quality and service. At Lamidecor, the future is now, and we are ready to shape it together with our customers and partners.

      Digital Print Catalogue 2024

      New Lamidecor Digital Printing Catalogue

      Welcome to Lamidecor! We are excited to present our new Digital Print 2024 catalogue, full of exciting decorative paper designs that are sure to transform your spaces. From classic and tropical woods to modern textiles, we have everything you need to bring your decorating projects to life!

      Innovative Wallpaper Designs

      In this new catalogue, we have expanded our range of wallpaper designs to offer you a wider variety of options. From traditional woods like oak, pine and teak, to exotic woods like mongoy, we have something for everyone! Our decorative paper designs are perfect for adding warmth and texture to any space.

      Cutting-Edge Stones and Luxury Textiles

      In addition to our wood collection, we are also excited to introduce a selection of granite, limestone and marble stone. These designs bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment. For those looking for softer, cosier options, we offer high quality textiles such as twill and organic materials such as raffia.

      Charming Children’s Line

      We didn’t forget the little ones in the house! In our new catalogue, you will find an adorable children’s line with designs by Lamimonster and Lamiprincesses. These fun and colourful designs are perfect for decorating children’s rooms and stimulating their imagination.

      Request Samples of Our 2024 Digital Print Catalogue

      Ready to explore our latest products? We invite you to request samples of our new Digital Print 2024 catalogue and discover how our designs can transform your spaces. At Lamidecor, we are committed to offering the highest quality products and providing inspiration for your decorating projects – contact us today and let us help you create the home of your dreams!

      Buñol: New Oak Design

      New Lamidecor Design: Buñol, the Jewel of the Oak Wood

      In the exciting world of furniture and doors, we present the design of the month: Buñol. This article explores in depth the essence of this new design, originating in oak wood, and highlights its honey tonality together with its imposing cathedrals in aubergine tones.

      Buñol: A Natural Charm in Honey Tones

      Lamidecor’s Buñol design is not just decorative paper; it is a masterpiece that has raised the standard in style and sophistication. Its honey tone is a tribute to warmth, creating a cosy atmosphere that will transform any space into a haven of comfort.

      Oak Wood: The Source of Authenticity

      Authenticity is the key to Buñol‘s success. Sourced from oak wood, this design incorporates the nobility of nature into every grain. The strength and durability of oak is reflected in every corner of this decorative paper, guaranteeing an investment that will last over time.

      Aubergine Hued Cathedrals: Outstanding Visual Impact

      The imposing aubergine-toned cathedrals in Buñol add a touch of majesty. Every detail stands out, creating a visual play that brings the surface to life. This unique feature not only beautifies, but also enhances the presence of any piece of furniture to which it is applied.

      Versatility in Creation: CPL or Finish Foil

      Buñol’s versatility is another aspect that sets it apart. This exceptional design can be created in either CPL or finish foil, offering options to suit different needs and preferences. Whatever the choice, quality and style are guaranteed.


      In short, Buñol by Lamidecor is much more than decorative paper; it is a statement of style and authenticity. From its oak origins to aubergine-toned cathedrals, this design elevates the concept in the world of furniture. With versatile CPL and foil finish options, Buñol offers the ability to incorporate this jewel into any interior design project – discover the Buñol difference and transform your spaces today!

      Antibacterial Decorative Paper

      Antibacterial Decorative Paper: Innovation in Door and Furniture Coatings

      Discover the Revolution in Surface Protection with Lamidecor

      Antibacterial decorative paper has emerged as a revolutionary solution in the field of surface decoration and coating. With properties that protect against 99.9% of gram-negative bacteria, such as E.Coli, and gram-positive bacteria, such as S.Aureus, this type of paper not only offers attractive aesthetics but also remarkable health benefits.

      Protection in the Door and Furniture Sector

      In the door and furniture sector, where daily interaction is constant, the application of antibacterial decorative paper makes a difference. Improved hygiene becomes a significant advantage, giving users the peace of mind of being in cleaner and safer spaces without compromising on style.

      Silky quality: antibacterial decor paper

      Lamidecor’s Silky finish not only offers functionality, but goes further by providing anti-bacterial properties, a silky texture to the touch and an anti-fingerprint surface. These combined features not only provide maximum protection, but also add comfort to your doors and furniture. Experience softness to the touch while maintaining elegance thanks to Lamidecor Silky’s innovative formula.

      99.9% Antibacterial Protection: More than a Promise

      Extensive test results confirm the effectiveness of antibacterial decorative paper. With a 99.9% protection guarantee after 24 hours of contact, it provides a solid barrier against bacteria, ensuring a healthier environment.

      Applications in Sensitive Environments and Current Trends

      This type of paper finds its place in sensitive environments, such as hospitals and clinics, contributing to public health. In addition, the growing trend of merging functionality and decoration is driving the demand for solutions such as antibacterial decorative paper.

      Continuous Innovation in Interior Design

      Antibacterial wallpaper represents continuous innovation in interior design. Adapting to the changing needs of the market, it has become an essential component for those seeking a balance between style, functionality and safety.

      Transform your Spaces with Lamidecor Antibacterial

      In short, antibacterial wallpaper, especially in Lamidecor’s Silky quality, redefines the concept of surface coating. It not only provides exceptional protection against bacteria, but also enhances the aesthetics and functionality of spaces. Considering it in design projects is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a commitment to health and sustainability.

      Lamidecor’s Colour of the Year 2024: Elegant Silex Tone

      Discovering Timeless Elegance: Lamidecor’s Colour of the Year 2024, a Sophisticated Contrast to Last Year’s Sage Green

      After celebrating the cool, neutral Sage Green as the Colour of the Year 2023. Lamidecor invites us to explore new aesthetic horizons with its choice for 2024: a light, soft and timeless silex shade. This change marks the continuous evolution of Lamidecor. Offering colours that not only follow the trends of the moment, but also bring elegance and durability to our spaces.

      Last year’s Sage Green, with its distinctive touch of warm grey, symbolised calm, security, vitality and life. Now, the focus shifts to the silex tone, which presents itself as an ideal companion to contrast with the freshness of last year’s green.

      From the perspective of colour psychology, we know that green evokes hope, joy and vitality, qualities that Sage Green incorporated into our spaces in 2023. Now, with the silex tone, Lamidecor seeks to convey a sense of sophistication and tranquillity, promising a welcoming and distinctive ambience.

      The light and soft silex tone integrates harmoniously with natural wood in warm tones, adding a distinctive touch to furniture and spaces. Offering similar versatility to Sage Green, this shade can be used as a vibrant accent or anchor colour, blending seamlessly with neutral monochromes as well as rich colours such as strawberry 3279.

      While Sage Green is recommended to be combined with neutral monochromes and intense colours, the silex tone goes a step further, offering the possibility of integrating with solid surfaces such as stone or polished concrete, as well as with darker woods and metals. This versatility makes the silex shade a distinctive choice for a variety of styles and preferences.

      Discover the silex tone from our sales team, the new Lamidecor colour 2024“. We invite everyone to request a sample in Finish foil or with one of the structures offered by the CPL finish of this elegant and timeless silex tone, which promises to leave a distinctive mark on spaces this year. With Lamidecor, interior design becomes a continuous experience of discovery and sophistication.

      Lamidecor: Advertisement on Antena 3

      Lamidecor: Announced during the Christmas Draw

      Last week, the facilities of Lamidecor, the undisputed leader in the world of decorative paper, witnessed an unprecedented event: the filming of an advertisement that will capture the manufacturing process, the innovative essence and the exceptional quality that characterises this renowned company.

      The filming took place in Lamidecor’s spacious, state-of-the-art facilities, where a team of production professionals worked hard to capture the distinctive essence of the brand. From the conception of avant-garde patterns to the meticulous choice of colours that reflect the latest trends in decoration, every detail was carefully planned to highlight Lamidecor’s excellence in the field of decorative paper.

      Specialising in the manufacture of decorative paper for door and furniture coverings, Lamidecor offers an extensive range of designs, from single-colour shades to fantasy patterns and even realistic woodgrain imitations. With options ranging from foil finishes, CPL laminates and vinyl, Lamidecor is the preferred choice for those seeking personalisation and uncompromising quality.

      One minute on Maximum Audience

      The one-minute advertorial will be broadcast on one of the most important programmes on Antena 3: “Espejo Público” with the charismatic presenter Susanna Griso. The strategic choice of this slot not only guarantees a wide audience, but also reflects Lamidecor’s vision of being at the forefront of current trends.

      The broadcast is scheduled for around 11:00 am, coinciding with a key moment of the day: the Christmas draw. This choice is not fortuitous; Lamidecor seeks to accompany viewers during this special time of the year, offering inspiration for home decoration and suggesting creative ideas to welcome the festive season.

      In the video, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Lamidecor, discovering how the manufacture of decorative paper and the creation of its latest collections can transform any space into a place full of style and personality.

      Lamidecor, committed to innovation and quality, is excited to share this exciting feature with the public. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the elegance and creativity that Lamidecor brings to your home by tuning in to Antena 3 “Espejo Público” commercial break at around 11:00 a.m. Get ready to be inspired and immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of decoration with Lamidecor!

      The Success of Doñana: design of the year 2023

      Dazzling with Elegance: Lamidecor’s Doñana Design Success in 2023

      The year 2023 has marked a milestone in the world of design, and Lamidecor’s Doñana decorativepaper has emerged as a true gem in this creative landscape. This article will immerse you in the reasons behind its overwhelming success, exploring the distinctive advantages that have made this design a phenomenon.

      Doñana: Beyond Pine Wood

      Lamidecor’s Doñana is not simply decorative paper; it is a masterpiece brought to life from pine wood. The incorporation of knots and cathedrals in its design adds a unique and authentic touch, transforming every space into an expression of natural elegance.

      The Triumphant Fusion with Unicolores: Green as the Perfect Ally

      One of the key factors behind the success of the Doñana is its versatility to combine with unicolours, standing out especially with shades such as hunter green, olive green and sage green. This combination has resulted in a fresh and attractive design that resonates with contemporary decorating trends.

      Unicolor Verde Salvia de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor Sage Green
      Unicolor Verde Oliva 8574 de Lamidecor, con acabado poro SOFT MATE MG
      Olive Green 8574 + pore SOFT MATE MG

      Unrivalled Advantages: Why Doñana is the Choice of Choice?

      • Unrivalled Freshness and Attractiveness

      The Doñana design not only brings freshness, but also a unique visual appeal. Its wooden elements enhance the feeling of naturalness, creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

      • Adaptability to different spaces

      From modern lounges to corporate offices, the Doñana design adapts easily to a variety of spaces. Its ability to harmonise with different styles makes it the ideal choice for those seeking versatility.

      Conquering 2023: Doñana’s Irresistible Ascent

      In the competitive world of design, the Doñana has conquered 2023 with its unique aesthetics and practical qualities. The combination of elegance, versatility and durability has taken this design to the top of the preferences, making it a phenomenon that redefines the standard of good taste.

      Conclusion: Doñana, Much More than a Design

      In short, Lamidecor’s Doñana design is not simply a decorative choice; it is a style statement that has left an indelible mark on the interior design landscape. Its success in 2023 is not fortuitous; it is the result of a masterful combination of aesthetics and functionality that has captivated those who seek the exceptional.

      In your next decorating project, consider the magic of Lamidecor’s Doñana, where elegance meets innovation to create a truly unforgettable space.

      Generational change at Lamidecor

      Lamidecor: Innovation and Continuity with Magda Valverde at the Head of Lamidecor

      Lamidecor Announces Generational Changeover

      After decades of exemplary leadership, Juan Valverde Campos, the visionary founder of Lamidecor, has decided to pass the baton to the next generation. This significant change marks the beginning of a new era for the company, but more importantly, it maintains the essence that has characterised Lamidecor over the years: dedication to quality, design and innovation.

      History of Lamidecor

      Lamidecor was founded by Juan Valverde Campos, a pioneer in the world of design in the decorative paper sector in Spain. Over the years, he has led the company with a unique vision, establishing a legacy that has left its mark on the industry.

      The Transition to Magda Valverde, new CEO of Lamidecor

      The announcement of the generational handover highlights the importance of Magda Valverde, the daughter of Juan Valverde Campos, who will assume the responsibility. Magda, with a solid background and commitment, represents the continuity of the vision and values that have been at the heart of Lamidecor.

      Despite the change of leadership, Lamidecor reaffirms its commitment to quality, design and innovation. These fundamental principles have been the backbone of the company’s success and will continue to be a priority in this new phase.

      Magda Valverde’s vision

      Magda Valverde inherits not only the leadership, but also the vision of Lamidecor. She is committed to taking the company forward, maintaining the standard of excellence set by her father and exploring new opportunities in the coating world.

      Commitment to Excellence

      Magda’s dedication to excellence is reflected in her determination to ensure a smooth transition. Her meticulous approach and passion for quality ensures that Lamidecor will continue to excel in the market.

      In conclusion, the generational handover at Lamidecor represents not only a change in management, but a natural evolution into the future. With Magda Valverde at the helm, the company is well positioned to remain a leader in the world of decorative paper.

      Lamidecor for Contract

      Why Lamidecor is the best option for Contract

      If you are looking for the best option to decorate your contract projects, you should know Lamidecor. This Spanish company has extensive experience in the sector and is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer service. In this article we will explain why Lamidecor is the best option for contract and what makes it stand out from the competition.

      1. History of Lamidecor

      Lamidecor was founded in 1985 in Castelldefels, Spain, as a company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of decorative paper for wall coverings in the furniture sector. Over time, the company expanded its offer and became a benchmark in the decoration of contract projects. Today, it has a wide presence in the national and international market.

      2. Commitment to quality

      One of Lamidecor’s most important values is its commitment to quality. The company uses the best materials in the manufacture of its products and has a rigorous quality control process that guarantees the excellence of its products. It also has quality certifications that guarantee its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

      3. Lamidecor; variety of products for Contract projects

      Lamidecor has a wide variety of products and designs for the decoration of contract projects. From door and panel cladding to mouldings, profiles and furniture, the company offers comprehensive solutions for any type of project. In addition, it has a team of professionals who advise customers on the choice of the most suitable CPL and Finish Foil products for their project.

      4. Design and customisation for contract

      Another aspect that makes Lamidecor stand out is its ability to offer customised designs. The company has a team of gravure and digital print designers who work hand in hand with the customer to create unique and exclusive projects. In addition, the company uses the most advanced technology to offer customised solutions in record time.

      5. Customer service

      Customer service is one of Lamidecor’s top priorities. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals who offer personalised advice on each project. In addition, the company has a large stock of products that guarantees fast and efficient delivery.

      6. International presence

      Lamidecor has an extensive international presence, with customers in more than 30 countries around the world. The company has been able to adapt to the needs of each market, offering customised solutions adapted to each client.

      7. Social commitment

      Finally, another of the values that make Lamidecor stand out is its social commitment. The company collaborates with different organisations and social projects, and has a strong commitment to gender equality and diversity.

      In short, if you are looking for the best option for your contract projects, Lamidecor is the company you are looking for. Its commitment to quality, its wide variety of decorative paper products, its ability to offer customised designs and its customer service are some of the aspects that make this Spanish company stand out in the decoration sector for contract projects.


      Lamidecor is the best option for those looking for quality, personalisation and excellent customer service.