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      Lamidecor in Maderalia 2024

      Lamidecor at MADERALIA 2024: Driving Innovation in the Furniture Sector

      Lamidecor has been an outstanding participant in FIMMA + MADERALIA 2024, an internationally renowned event that took place from 14th to 17th May at Feria Valencia, Spain. This fair has been the epicentre of innovation in the furniture and decoration sector, presenting the latest in materials, technology and tools for professionals in the sector.

      Lamidecor’s presence at this event was significant, with a diverse team of professionals from various strategic departments of the company. This participation underlines our commitment to exploring new opportunities and our determination to keep abreast of emerging trends in the market.

      During the show, the team focused on establishing direct connections with customers and suppliers, consolidating existing business relationships and seeking new partnerships. This focus on direct interaction provided valuable opportunities for the exchange of ideas and feedback. Which will be instrumental in further improving our products and services.

      In addition, participation in the fair served as a platform to explore the latest innovations in materials, technology and design. By interacting with other exhibitors and keeping abreast of market trends, Lamidecor is well positioned to anticipate the needs of its customers and lead in the development of new products and solutions.

      Finally, the show also provided the opportunity to strengthen strategic alliances with key industry partners, both nationally and internationally. These collaborations are essential to drive the growth and expansion of both the leading decorative paper company and its business partners.

      In conclusion, Lamidecor‘s participation in FIMMA + MADERALIA 2024 has highlighted its commitment to excellence, innovation and collaboration in the furniture and decoration industry. As a leader in its field, Lamidecor continues to demonstrate its ability to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving market.

      Lamidecor: Announced during the Christmas Draw

      Excitement and innovation marked a milestone at Lamidecor exactly a fortnight ago, when the cameras of Antena 3 captured the essence of our company, leader in decorative paper during an advertorial aired during the Christmas Draw. Let’s relive that exciting moment and explore how Lamidecor captivated the audience with its dedication to quality and creativity.

      Reliving the advertising reportage on Antena 3

      A fortnight ago, Lamidecor’s facilities witnessed an unprecedented event: the filming of an advertorial aimed at highlighting the innovation and exceptional quality that characterises our renowned company in the world of decorative paper. Every detail was carefully planned to highlight Lamidecor’s excellence.

      The one-minute report was broadcast during one of the commercial breaks of one of the most prominent programmes on Antena 3, “Espejo Público”, with the charismatic presenter Susanna Griso. This strategic choice not only guaranteed a large audience. It also reflected Lamidecor’s vision of being at the forefront of current trends. In addition, the broadcast, which was scheduled around 12:00 am, strategically coincided with the Christmas draw. Offering home decorating inspiration and creative ideas to welcome the festive season.

      Dive into the World of Lamidecor

      In the video, viewers were able to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Lamidecor, discovering how decorative paper is made and how our latest collections are created. From the conception of patterns to the choice of colours, every step of the process was presented with passion and dedication. Committed to innovation and quality, he enthusiastically shared this exciting advertorial with the public.

      Relive the experience and immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of decoration with Lamidecor!

      Christmas break

      Dear customers and friends of Lamidecor,

      We are writing to inform you about the closure of our facilities during the Christmas holiday season. From 23 December until 7 January, Lamidecor will be closed to allow our team to enjoy a well-deserved rest and time with their loved ones.

      During this period, no orders will be processed and no regular business activities will take place. However, we will be back and fully operational as of 8 January, ready to attend to your needs and queries as always.

      We sincerely appreciate your continued support and understanding. At Lamidecor, we value our relationship with our customers, and this temporary closure will allow us to recharge our batteries to provide you with an even better service in the coming year.

      We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you enjoy a joyous and loving holiday season.

      We wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

      Yours sincerely,

      The Lamidecor Team

      Celebrating 38 years of Success

      Today we are 38 years old!!

      Today is a special day at Lamidecor as we celebrate our 38th anniversary with great enthusiasm. On this special day, we cannot fail to recognise the dedication and commitment of a team that has been instrumental in building a legacy of success that has lasted for almost four decades.

      This anniversary is more than a date on the calendar, it is a milestone that reflects the perseverance and determination of the entire team. Since its inception, Lamidecor has faced challenges, overcome obstacles and achieved seemingly unattainable goals, all thanks to the hard work, effort and enthusiasm of its team.

      Each person who has been part of Lamidecor has played a key role in our company. Without them, our success would not have been possible. On this anniversary, we not only look back with gratitude, but also look forward to a future full of promise and exciting challenges. We have every confidence that, working together, we will overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

      Today, we toast not only to our past achievements, but also to the successes yet to come. Lamidecor’s story is a testament to what can be achieved when a team is committed, works hard and perseveres. On this special day, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to every member of the team, because you are the heart of our company and the reason for our success.

      On this special day, we raise a toast not only to our achievements but also to the successes yet to come. Lamidecor’s history is a testament to what can be achieved when a team is committed, works hard and perseveres. Today, Lamidecor expresses its heartfelt gratitude to each member of the team, as you are the heart of this company and the reason for our success.

      Happy anniversary colleagues!

      Thank you for being part of this great family and for being a fundamental part of our success story!

      SICAM Fair 2023

      Lamidecor Explores Trends at SICAM 2023: Innovation in the World of Decorative Paper Coating.

      The International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, known as SICAM, was once again the epicentre of the latest trends and innovations for the furniture industry. In this 14th edition, Lamidecor, came to explore and discover the innovations that are shaping the course of the sector.

      One of the most notable transformations that caught Lamidecor’s attention at the event was the shift in design preferences. For years, woods without knots and cracks had been the standard, but at SICAM 2023, an interesting trend emerged. Subtly patterned woods, flat surfaces and an absence of noticeable contrasts are gaining ground, and finishes with pronounced visual pores are coming to the fore. This change in the appearance and texture of wood marks a new chapter in the furniture and surfacing industry.

      In the area of unicolours, matt finishes are maintained, along with ranges of browns and taupe, green and blue continue, injecting vibrancy and originality into interiors. New at SICAM was the resurgence of metallic finishes, which are gaining a prominent place in furniture design.


      In terms of surfaces, matt finishes continue to be appreciated in certain applications, but there is a growing demand for ultra-gloss finishes. The latter are especially popular in designs that simulate stone, such as marble and granite, creating a mirror effect to the furniture.


      In addition to these trends, SICAM 2023 also highlighted the presence of innovative technologies. Digital printing has revolutionised the way furniture and wood surfaces can be designed and customised, allowing complex patterns and designs to be reproduced with precision. Furthermore, trompe l’oeil, such as flat wood that simulates grooves, adds a new aesthetic dimension to furniture and demonstrates the creativity and versatility of the sector.


      In summary, SICAM 2023 stands as an essential platform for leading companies such as Lamidecor to explore the latest trends and technologies in the furniture sector. The evolution towards more subtly patterned woods, the resurgence of metallic finishes, the demand for digital printing and the incorporation of wood trompe l’oeil are all examples of how the industry is adapting to changing consumer expectations. Lamidecor remains at the forefront of this evolution, committed to offering high quality products that reflect the latest trends in design and technology. Creativity and innovation are coming together to sculpt the future of furniture and wood cladding, and Lamidecor is leading the way on this exciting path.

      Innovation in the Paper Industry: MIAC 2023 Exhibition

      Lamidecor’s Visit to the Paper Industry Trade Show

      The paper industry is a sector in constant evolution. In this context, our colleagues Josep Capilla, COO and Thomas Haralyi, Head of R&D Projects at Lamidecor, driven by their commitment to quality, attended the MIAC 2023 fair in Lucca (Italy). An event focused on innovation in the paper industry, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art machines, systems and solutions to manage the different phases of the paper and board production and transformation cycle.

      Renewing Connections and Establishing New ones

      MIAC 2023 not only gave Lamidecor the opportunity to renew old contacts in the paper industry, but also to establish new relationships. Building a strong network is essential in any sector, and this show was the perfect platform to strengthen Lamidecor’s ties, both nationally and internationally.

      Creative Solutions for Industry. An Exhausting, but Productive Event

      Lamidecor’s visit was intense and exhausting. It focused on finding innovative improvement solutions for the decorative paper manufacturing process. They presented significant advances, such as new coatings and improvements in raw materials, essential to ensure consistent quality in the production of decorative paper. The fair gave them the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from other experts in the field, which will undoubtedly result in significant improvements to Lamidecor’s machinery and processes.

      The information gathered will allow the company’s machines to be improved, which is an essential step towards staying at the forefront of innovation and quality in the paper industry.


      Lamidecor’s visit to MIAC 2023 in Lucca has been a great success. They have gathered valuable ideas, established crucial contacts and made significant progress in improving their products. This experience underlines the importance of innovation and collaboration in the paper industry, and Lamidecor continues to be a leader in this field.

      Recognising Teamwork

      Welcoming the August Holidays with a Touch of Togetherness at Lamidecor

      August, the month of warmth and relaxation, brought with it a long-awaited respite for the team at Lamidecor, a leading company in the world of decorative paper. This interval was more than just a break; it became an invaluable opportunity to foster camaraderie and internal cohesion. In an environment where creativity and collaboration are key, the holiday celebration had a deep and lasting meaning.

      Welcoming the Holidays: More than a well-deserved break

      The Lamidecor team understands the importance of disconnecting and recharging energy. In keeping with this notion, the August holidays presented themselves as the perfect time to do so. However, instead of simply taking time off, we decided to take our team spirit to the next level. We organised a company meal that transcended the work environment and allowed us to connect on a more personal level.

      This meal, held in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, was a showcase of laughter, anecdotes and friendship. While we shared culinary delights, we also shared moments that strengthened our bonds. It was a reminder that, behind the roles and tasks, we are a team united by a common goal: the success of Lamidecor.

      Celebrating Success and Dedication

      As we savoured the food and enjoyed the atmosphere, we took the opportunity to recognise individual and collective achievements. Each team member triggered applause for their commitment and hard work. It was a tangible testimony that at Lamidecor, every contribution is essential and valuable.

      Renewed and Committed

      The August break filled us with renewed energy and enthusiasm. As we prepare to return to work, we carry with us the shared camaraderie and passion that characterises Lamidecor. We understand that this return does not mean leaving the holidays behind, but taking with us their positive and creative spirit.

      The Road to a Successful Future

      As we move forward, the spirit of camaraderie cultivated during the company lunch will become the basis for our future collaboration and endeavours. We are determined to harness this energy to meet challenges, embrace creativity and contribute to Lamidecor’s continued success.

      In Conclusion

      The August holidays at Lamidecor were not just a period of rest, but an opportunity to celebrate our unity and commitment. The company lunch not only allowed us to relax, but also strengthened the bonds that keep us together. Now, as we return to work, we carry with us the inspiration and determination to reach new heights. Lamidecor will continue to be a beacon of innovation and dedication in the world of decorative paper.

      Happy Holidays to all the Lamidecor team

      The last working day has arrived and it’s time to celebrate at Lamidecor!!

      We are excited to welcome the long awaited summer holidays, a well-deserved break for all our talented team. Today will be a day full of fun and fellowship as we participate in dynamics and games to strengthen our bond between the different departments.

      To temporarily say goodbye to work, we will share a delicious meal together, enjoying a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. We know how important this time is to disconnect and recharge our batteries, so we encourage everyone to make the most of it, surrounding ourselves with our loved ones and friends to enjoy unforgettable moments.

      At Lamidecor, we believe that this break will be key to return with a fresh mind and full of new ideas. We are excited about the projects, designs and quality decorative paper products that we will create upon our return. Inspiration will flow and we will undoubtedly continue to set trends in the wallcovering industry.

      So, let’s make the most of this holiday! We are saying goodbye for a while, but we know we will be back with recharged batteries and ready to face any challenge with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.

      Happy holidays to all the Lamidecor team and may we enjoy every second of this well-deserved break! See you soon!

      Lamidecor: leaders in decorative paper, attends Interzum

      Lamidecor: leaders in decorative paper, visits the Interzum fair in Cologne to make new contacts and discover trends.

      Lamidecor has visited the Interzum trade fair in Cologne. This event, considered one of the most important in the sector, brings together professionals, experts and companies from all over the world to share knowledge, establish business contacts and discover the latest trends in decorative paper and interior decoration.

      The importance of trade fairs

      Trade fairs play a key role in the business world. For companies, participating in trade shows offers a number of significant benefits. Firstly, it increases brand visibility and builds brand recognition in a highly competitive environment. By exhibiting its products and services, Lamidecor was able to capture the attention of professionals and potential customers interested in decorative paper.

      In addition, they are the perfect setting to establish business contacts. Lamidecor had the opportunity to engage in conversations with distributors, interior designers, architects and other professionals in the sector. These interactions allow not only to expand the network of contacts, but also to explore possible strategic alliances and future collaborations.

      Lamidecor’s visit to Interzum trade fair

      Lamidecor attended the Interzum trade fair with a clear objective in mind: to make new contacts and discover the latest trends in the decorative paper market. During their visit, the Lamidecor team immersed themselves in a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, exploring the different stands and exhibits present at the fair.

      During their tour of the fair, Lamidecor discovered a wide range of exciting opportunities. From new materials and manufacturing techniques to innovative solutions for decorative paper applications, the fair offered a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the sector.

      Lamidecor’s visit to the Interzum trade fair in Cologne proved to be a resounding success. During the event, the company was able to establish key business contacts, discover the latest trends and strengthen its position as a leader in the decorative paper industry.

      BAU Fair: Discovering the latest door designs

      We visited the BAU trade fair in Munich and here are the latest door designs

      Lamidecor recently attended the BAU trade fair in Munich, the leading trade fair for Architecture, Building Materials, Building Systems and Building Restoration in the world. At the fair, we were able to see the latest trends in decorative paper for door design.

      What is the BAU trade fair?

      BAU is a world leading trade fair held every two years in Munich, Germany. The fair is a platform to present and discuss the latest trends in the construction industry. Visitors can see innovative products, solutions and services from more than 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world.

      Why visit the BAU trade fair?

      Lamidecor has always been a pioneer in product innovation and quality improvement. Therefore, we visited the BAU fair to learn about the latest trends in design and technology in the construction industry. We were also able to establish contacts, and meet the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers, which allowed us to increase our network and improve our supply capacity.

      Design trends for doors

      White doors: the timeless trend

      White doors are a timeless trend that has been around for years and has continued to gain popularity at BAU. They suit any style of décor, from modern to traditional. They can also make any space appear larger and brighter.

      White door on display by Borne Türelemente

      Natural woodgrain wallpaper designs in natural and horizontal shades for doors

      Horizontal, natural woodgrain wallpaper for doors was one of the most noticeable trends at the BAU trade fair. This design mimics the texture and pattern of natural wood, making it ideal for rustic or modern interiors. In addition, the horizontal pattern helps to create a sense of spaciousness.


      Design doors in a matt or pore-marked finish

      Los diseños de puertas con acabado mate o poroso son otra de las tendencias que destacaron en la feria BAU. This type of door offers a smooth, matt texture that is perfectly suited to modern designs. In addition, the marked pore adds a rustic and natural touch that makes them unique and attractive.

      In summary, the visit to the Bau fair in Munich has been a very enriching experience. It has allowed us to learn about the latest trends and products in the construction industry, establish contacts and networking, and broaden our perspective on the decorative role of wood door design. No doubt, we will meet again in the next edition.