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      Special doors, new Asian Birch design

      Designed to dress up your doors, NEW Asian Birch

      Introducing our new Asian Birch inspired door design! This new design has been created to give our customers the opportunity to incorporate a natural and elegant style into their home or workplace.

      Asian Birch is the result of combining the natural beauty of Asian birch wood with the quality and durability of our products.

      Birch wood is known for its unique grain pattern and warm, inviting tone, and this new door design has been meticulously designed to reflect its appearance in an authentic and realistic way. Our design team has worked hard to create a design that captures the essence of birch wood and transforms it into a beautiful, high quality door.

      In addition to its elegant aesthetics, this wallpaper is designed for doors with various CPL finishes. Resistant to moisture and wear, it is a perfect choice for dressing doors in both public and private buildings. It is also easy to maintain and clean, making it a practical and functional choice.

      Our decorative door papers are manufactured using the highest quality papers and lacquers and advanced manufacturing techniques, making them extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

      In short, our new Asian Birch wallpaper design is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a natural and elegant decoration that is also functional and durable.

      Asian Birch door design by Lamidecor. Birch wood
      Asian Birch for doors by Lamidecor

      Our sales department is always ready to provide personalised advice and assistance to help our customers find the perfect design for their space. Ask us for a sample here.

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      In surface coating, light colour and pigment colour

      Surface coating, the importance of knowing light colours and pigment colours

      Knowing light colours and pigment colours is essential to develop new decorative paper designs for surface coating and to ensure that they look just as impressive in digital format as they do on physical paper. The application on doors, mouldings and furniture is preceded by a digital simulation where the pattern and colours of the design being created are carefully studied.

      Colours are a fundamental part of our visual perception of the world around us. Understanding the difference between these two colour systems is essential to ensure that the printed colours correspond to the colours you see on screen. If this difference is not taken into account, printed colours may appear desaturated or different from the original.

      How do light colours work?

      Light colours are those that are produced when light is broken down into different wavelengths that are then captured by our eyes. These colours are mixed additively, which means that when different light colours are combined, the result is a brighter colour. For example, when red, green and blue (RGB) light are combined in equal proportions, white light is produced. This is the principle behind television screens, computer monitors and projectors.

      How do pigment colours work?

      Pigment colours, on the other hand, are those that are produced when light is absorbed by a substance and reflected back to our eyes. These colours are subtractively mixed, which means that when different pigment colours are combined, the result is a darker colour. For example, when red, yellow and blue paints are mixed in equal proportions, black is produced. This is the principle behind paints, dyes and pigments. Pigment colours, on the other hand, are those used in printing and are formed by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks (CMYK).

      The main differences between light colours and pigment colours are:

      • The mixing of colours: as mentioned above, light colours are mixed additively, while pigment colours are mixed subtractively.
      • The result of the mixing: when different light colours are mixed, the result is a brighter colour, while when different pigment colours are mixed, the result is a darker colour.
      • The source of the colour: light colours come from a light source, such as a television screen, computer monitor or projector, while pigment colours come from substances that absorb and reflect light.

      In short, knowing light and pigment colours is crucial to developing decorative paper designs that look equally impressive in both digital and physical paper formats. This ensures that the printed colours are true to the original design and that the end result is of high quality.

      What is colour?

      What is colour?

      Colour is a visual aspect of light that allows us to perceive and distinguish different wavelengths of light reflected or emitted from an object. Colours are perceived by the human eye and processed in the brain to create a visual impression.

      However, there are many factors that can affect colour perception, including ambient light, individual perception and a person’s sensitivity to different wavelengths. We therefore define colours through their properties, hue, saturation and brightness.

      In other words, colours belong to the visible spectrum of light, only the range of wavelengths of light that can be captured by our eyes. This range extends from 400 nanometres (nm) at the violet end of the spectrum to 700 nm at the red end. The colours that make up the visible spectrum are violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. In addition, visible light is a small fraction of the total electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes ultraviolet light, infrared light and radio waves.




      Knowing and defining colour is essential to achieve pattern repetition and avoid phenomena such as metamerism.

      GABON, new design of the month for doors

      This month, new Gabón design for doors

      At Lamidecor we are excited to announce the launch of our new design: GABON, which is born from a very special natural wood, such as Zebrawood or Zebrano. This exotic tree originating from Africa is in a state of scarcity. That is why at Lamidecor we want to provide an alternative solution that allows us to conserve nature while still enjoying the unique attraction that Gabon offers. We offer this design in decorative paper in both CPL and Finish foil, preserving the striking appearance that makes it unique.

      Zebrano wood is known for its natural beauty. It is characterised by a very marked grain with great tonal variation, which is why it has such a unique appearance. In addition, the pattern of its lines shares a resemblance to the skin of the Zebra, hence its name.

      Developed by our design colleagues, we think it will be ideal for creating pieces that guarantee a high aesthetic value to furniture and doors in the home.


      Gabon comes in a range of 4 shades: HONEY, CAOBA, GREY and WHITE from the original wood.


      Lamidecor’s Gabon design on doors


      We are sure that this collection will be a hit on the market and a valuable addition to any home or office space! Find out from our sales team . Request a sample here.

      Rotogravure printing

      What is rotogravure printing?

      At Lamidecor we have been working for more than 30 years with rotogravure printing for the creation of decorative paper.

      Rotogravure printing is a process that allows us to reproduce detailed and high quality images.  It covers wood designs, unicolours and fantasies intended for the coating of surfaces, both on boards, doors and furniture.


      How does it work?

      This printing system works by using metal cylinders engraved with an embossed pattern to transfer ink onto a paper reel. The ink is applied to the engraved cylinder and transferred to the paper by passing it between the cylinder and a tailstock. The ink adheres only to the engraved areas, creating an embossed image on the paper roll.

      In order to produce realistic drawings, the rotogravure machine consists of several bodies and cylinders. All of them work as we have just explained, in this way all kinds of designs are obtained, with a 3D effect synchronised with the drawing, designs of great chromatism and visual depth, reliefs and metallic effects depending on the inks.

      The quality of the print depends on the finish and precision of the engraved cylinder.




      Today we can say that the rotogravure printing line is the most effective in achieving a realistic reproduction of any material.

      The secret of quality printing is a team of expert technicians who know and work the entire process with professionalism and dedication at every step. From the choice of inks to the adjustment of cylinders.



      This process is fast and efficient, and is also suitable for the production of large print runs. The result is a wide range of woodgrain, fantasy and unicolour designs on decorative paper.

      New colour of the year Sage Green

      New colour of the year Sage Green


      Lamidecor presents “Colour of the year 2023” sage green, fresh and neutral, very elegant.

      Our design team celebrates each year with a different colour. We welcome sage green. Green in appearance with a touch of warm grey. We are presented with the symbol of calm and security, as well as life, so the versatility of this tone provides the necessary touch to give character and distinction to any piece of furniture.

      From the psychology of colour, we know that green reflects characteristics such as hope, happiness, vitality, nature, etc. Likewise, we find the colour green in many places in our daily lives associated with happiness. Thus, sage green, which belongs to this tonality, in addition to life, exudes relaxation, which allows it to be used in all the rooms of the house.


      color-del-año 2023 verde salvia-lamidecor


      Not sure how to add it to the home? This tone has a soft look that creates a sophisticated feel. In combination with natural wood in warm tones, it is ideal for all types of furniture. You can never go wrong by combining it with our monochrome neutrals, whites, greys and navy blue, on the contrary you can make it more youthful when combined with a very rich and intense shade such as strawberry 3279.

      Discover sage green with our sales team, Lamidecor’s new colour 2023“. Ask for a sample in Finish foil or with one of the structures that offer the CPL finish in this spectacular green tone.


      COLUMBRETES, new design of the month for mouldings

      Lamidecor presents the new design of the month for mouldings, Columbretes.

      Columbretes is a fantasy in birch, walnut and beech wood for moludings. A geometric and youthful design that combined with our unicolours will fill any room in the home with life and style.

      COLUMBRETES comes in two motifs: LINEAR, a pleasant and natural design. And COMPOSITION, for those who are looking for a daring touch.


      diseño-columbres-linear,-sobre-puerta-en-lamidecor Puerta-diseño-columbretes-composition--de-lamidecor


      Discover it with our sales team. Request a sample here.

      ESPIGA: new design of the month for panels and doors

      Espiga: new design of the month for panels and doors

      Espiga is a design for panels and doors inspired by the vast expanses of cereal in our land. A new creation that transports us to the golden hills that bathe the fields of Castilla y León.


      puerta con el diseño de espiga

      Peaceful and full of movement, ESPIGA is presented as a reflection of a toasted landscape that we are sure you will like.

      Discover it with our sales team. Request a sample here.

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      Wood design catalogue 2022

      🔊 Lamidecor presents its new catalogue of wood design🌲 for 2022📅.

      👉In it you can see the new designs presented: Aigüestortes, Doñana, Sil….🆕

      As well as the new colours for the 🆕 Turia, Odiel and Comillas that adapt to the latest trends in the sector.

      We hope you like our new proposals in wood. 😀

      👇For more information and/or samples of any design, our commercial department will be pleased to discuss it.👇

      Do not hesitate and contact info@lamidecor.com!



      Creativity and innovation.

      We have a design department that allows us to capture the smallest detail and customise your project. We are strongly committed to innovation in design, adapting to the preferences and trends of the market, so we will soon be bringing you new designs.