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      BRUSHED, Lamidecor’s most versatile CPL Finish

      09 November, 2023

      BRUSHED: CPL Finish

      In interior architecture, the appearance of the surface is a key element that contributes to the aesthetics and resistance of the products. Lamidecor presents BRUSHED, the most versatile CPL finish for any design project.

      Versatility and Structure

      One of the most outstanding features of the Brushed finish of Lamidecor’s CPL Line is its matt and satin appearance.

      The Brushed finish has an organic and irregular linear grain that gives it a very natural appearance. Therefore, this wood texture is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as doors, panels, furniture, as well as for edging, thus coordinating all the faces of the pieces.

      Lamidecor Brushed Pore is not only perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of wood, but can also be used to create unique and customised designs in a wide range of unicolours. This gives designers and fabricators the freedom to explore a variety of creative options for their projects. Whether it is to give life and expression to a colour, or to bring out the natural beauty and warmth of walnut.

      Acabado Cepillado. Laminado CPL de Lamidecor
      Lamidecor Brushed Finish. CPL

      Lamidecor’s CPL finish adapts to all needs. In fact, its relief can be appreciated both to the touch and visually. In addition, when the light shines on it, you can see how it enhances the wood, giving it a very interesting realistic and organic touch.

      The motif of this finish exists both vertically and horizontally, creating a linear play of contrast between matt and satin to suit designs in both directions.

      Durability, Resistance and Easy Maintenance

      All the finishes in Lamidecor’s CPL range are a resistant and durable option for covering all types of surfaces. Its resistance to scratches, bumps and daily wear and tear make it a good choice for high vertical traffic areas.

      In addition, Lamidecor’s CPL finish is heat and chemical resistant, helping to protect designs over the long term. It is also easy to clean and maintain – a soft, damp cloth is enough to keep the surface spotless.


      Lamidecor’s Brushed finish is the ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and durable finish for their interior design projects. Available in two directions, the brushed finish adapts to any style and design.

      Discover the success and versatility of Lamidecor’s BRUSHED finish.