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      Boosting Human Resources and Occupational Safety at Lamidecor

      07 November, 2023

      Reinforcing Human Resources and Occupational Safety: Miguel Guerola joins Lamidecor

      Lamidecor takes a strategic step with the addition of Miguel Guerola Capsir to the team. This decision is not only an addition to the staff, but a reflection of the importance of having an efficient human resources department and the constant vigilance of the health and safety of the workers.

      Miguel and his role at Lamidecor

      With more than a decade of experience in human resources, Miguel Guerola has a track record backed by his great ability in team management. As well as the development of active human resources policies ranging from the recruitment of talent to the creation and continuous improvement of a healthy work environment. His background in occupational risk prevention adds important value from a safety at work approach.

      Miguel will play a crucial role in Lamidecor, addressing three key areas:

      1. Human Resources Management: Miguel will lead the human resources department, working closely with the teams to optimise personnel management. His experience in recruitment and talent development will be essential to attract and retain the best professionals.
      2. Occupational Health and Safety: Safety in the workplace is a priority. Miguel will apply his experience to implement policies and ensure compliance, minimising risks and protecting employees.
      3. Work Climate and Wellbeing: He will also play an important role in promoting a positive work environment for all employees, including wellness programmes, conflict resolution and policies that foster collaboration and job satisfaction.


      The addition of Miguel Guerola to Lamidecor underscores the importance of having a strong human resources department and of monitoring occupational health and safety at Lamidecor, a company that not only seeks to lead, but also to take care of those who make that leadership possible. Their expertise will contribute significantly to the success and well-being of the entire team.