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      Acebuche: The New Shade of Lamidecor’s Canet Olive Tree

      02 July, 2024

      Discover “Acebuche”: A Design Tribute to Lamidecor’s Mid-Century Style

      At Lamidecor, we are proud to present our latest release: “Acebuche”, a design that pays homage to the iconic mid-century style. Inspired by the canet olive tree and with a stunning caramel tone, Acebuche is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of nature and sophistication to their interior spaces.

      Acebuche: A Canet Olive Inspired Design

      The Acebuche design is inspired by the natural beauty of the canet olive tree, known for its durability and elegance. This decorative wallpaper captures the essence of this Mediterranean tree, offering a realistic texture and appearance that will transform any surface. The caramel tone of Acebuche brings a sense of serenity and warmth, evoking the tranquillity of nature.

      Diseño acebuche de Lamidecor. Madera de olivo
      Acebuche design by Lamidecor. Olive wood

      Tribute to Mid-Century Style

      The mid-century style is characterised by clean lines, organic shapes and the use of natural materials. Acebuche is a tribute to this timeless aesthetic, combining the best of classic design with modern innovation. Acebuche wallpaper captures the essence of mid-century, offering a design that combines the elegance of the past with contemporary functionality.

      Intense Caramel Tone

      One of the most striking features of Acebuche is its rich caramel tone. This warm, rich shade not only complements a wide range of decorative styles, but also brings a sense of comfort and sophistication to any space. Caramel is perfectly suited to a variety of design trends, from rustic to modern.

      Ideal for Surface Coating

      Acebuche decorative paper is ideal for covering a variety of surfaces, from furniture to walls. Its design and colour allow you to renovate and transform spaces, giving them an elegant and durable finish. In addition to improving aesthetics, this decorative paper adds a layer of protection, making surfaces more resistant to daily use.

      Quality and Durability Guaranteed

      At Lamidecor, quality is our top priority. Acebuche has been created using high quality materials and advanced production techniques, ensuring its durability and resistance. This decorative paper guarantees a durable and easy to maintain finish, ideal for surfaces that must withstand daily wear and tear.

      Transforming Spaces with Elegance

      Acebuche wallpaper is the perfect choice for those looking to transform their interior spaces with a touch of nature and sophistication. Its unique and elegant design, together with its rich caramel tone, creates a welcoming and refined atmosphere in any environment.

      Advantages of Lamidecor’s Acebuche Decorative Paper

      • Realistic appearance: It perfectly imitates the grain and textures of real wood.
      • Versatility: Ideal for a wide variety of surfaces and decorative styles.
      • Durability: High quality materials and advanced techniques ensure a long-lasting finish.
      • Easy maintenance: Durable and easy to maintain, perfect for everyday use.


      Acebuche is more than just a decorative paper design; it is a celebration of nature, elegance and mid-century style. Discover how Acebuche can transform your spaces, bringing a natural aesthetic and exceptional quality. At Lamidecor, we are excited to offer you this new option that will undoubtedly elevate your decorating projects to a new level of elegance and comfort.