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      35 years in the coating industry

      17 March, 2023

      Ferrán García, the coating professional and dean of the company

      It is an honour to talk to the dean of Lamidecor, our dear colleague Ferrán, who has earned our respect, admiration and gratitude for his hard work and contribution. Throughout his career in the paper coating industry he has left an indelible mark on our organisation and is an inspiration to us all with his dedication, tireless work ethic and never-ending smile.

      Ferrán is a fundamental pillar in the success we have achieved over the last 3 decades. He tells us about his career as a professional and as a person within Lamidecor.

      Experience in the company, work, responsibilities and evolution over time.

      I have been with the company all my life. From the beginnings in Novocant when the headquarters were in Castelldefels to what Lamidecor is today. I have also rotated through various jobs, my responsibilities have gone hand in hand with the evolution of the company. I started as an operator on the edging machine until I became supervisor of the paper coating processes at Lamidecor. Making sure it was carried out efficiently and effectively. I have also been involved in inventory management and coordination of stock material. This personal and job rotation and growth has allowed me to deal with and learn from many people.

      Over time I have seen significant changes in the company. When I started we were only five employees, practically at the beginning of the company, and we have grown to about 90. All this achievement has been reflected thanks to everyone’s involvement and effort to do a job well done. We have been a great team, becoming a big family.

      Likewise, the achievements of which I feel most proud have come from the hand of my colleagues. I think I have played a good role both in dealing with them and in many changes in the Lamidecor culture. The adoption of new technologies or the implementation of new procedures and processes has allowed us to grow. In this way these changes have had a significant impact on my work, I have had to adapt and learn new skills to keep myself updated and relevant in each position.

      Future plans

      After more than three decades at Lamidecor it is time to start thinking about retirement, as I have a good generational handover.

      I am very grateful and happy to share with you all this learning and to be part of the growth and success that Lamidecor has today. Thank you team!